15 Picture Books About Books

Are you a book lover raising a little bookworm of your own? Be sure to check out this collection of books about books. Check them out of your local library, curl up with a comfy blanket and a book buddy and enjoy. Let me know what your favorite book about books is!

The Library Book

by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark
Illustrated by Chuck Groenink

Based on the adorable “Library Song” by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark, The Library Book is a sweet book about going to the library on a rainy Saturday morning and visiting all of your favorite friends. The illustrations are adorable and your little one will love the appearances by some familiar characters; Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Pinocchio, and others. For even more fun, look for the song online after reading the book and sing along together!

Dog Loves Books

by Louise Yates

I could read Dog Loves Books every day and never grow tired of the charming main character. The opening spread reminds me so much of myself and if you’re a book-lover too, I’ll bet you can also relate. Dog loves books so much that he decides to open his own bookstore! Will he have enough customers to enjoy his time at the shop? Read the book to find out and then plan a fun trip to your favorite bookstore with your little reader.

Ready to Fly
How Sylvia Townsend Became the Bookmobile Ballerina

by Lea Lyon and A. LaFaye
Illustrated by Jessica Gibson

Looking for a great non-fiction picture book about the power of books and the importance of children having access to books? Ready to Fly is the inspiring story of Sylvia Townsend. Growing up in the 1950s, Sylvia’s family could not afford the ballet lessons she dreamed of. So when the bookmobile rolled into town, Sylvia took it upon herself to check out every ballet book the librarian could help her find. Those books were her very first ballet teachers, but they would not be her last. Check out the book from your local library to read more about Sylvia’s inspiring life. Make it extra fun by finding some books in the library that your child can use to teach themselves a new activity!

The Snatchabook

by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty

A mystery is at the heart of this fun story about a little woodland community full of story-lovers. Who is stealing all the books? There is so much to love in The Snatchabook, from the impeccable rhymes to the adorable illustrations to the reason the thief is stealing the books in the first place. Make a big stack of picture books with your little one today. When night falls, snuggle up on the bed and read them all. Don’t forget to include The Snatchabook!

The Whisper

by Pamela Zagarenski

The Whisper is a magical book about the power of imagination. When the little girl tries to read her book, she discovers the words have all fallen out. Distraught at first, she soon realizes she can use her imagination to invent her own stories. The whimsical illustrations provide so much for you little one to pick and choose from to tell their own story too. Read it once as written and then read it again, letting your little storyteller make up the words as you go.

Bunny’s Book Club

by Annie Silvestro
Illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss

Oh, Bunny’s Book Club. I cannot say enough about how happy this book makes me. Have you ever imagined being locked in the library overnight so you can read ALL of the books without interruption? No? Just me? This sweet book conjures up that old dream of mine in the most darling way. Bunny is not so sure animals are allowed in the library for story time but he is determined to find a way in to get his fill of books. After reading, take a trip to the library with your little reader and pick out some books you’d like to share with a friend if you had your own book club!

Just Read

by Lori Degman
Illustrated by Victoria Tentler-Krylov

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this particular list, you’re probably a big fan of reading. Logic has it that if you’re a big fan of reading, you’ll be a big fan of Degman’s Just Read. This rhyming picture book is a great reminder that you’re never alone when you escape into a good story. But it’s also a reminder that it doesn’t matter what you read…just read! Where and what do you and your little reader like to read? Make a list of all the different things you read and all of the places you read in a day. You might be surprised!

Lola at the Library

by Anna McQuinn
Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

Looking for a picture book for the younger set? Lola at the Library is a sweet book about library day. Lola’s library day is Tuesday and she can’t wait to gather her books and go! Wednesday was always library day in my house when my children were little and this book evokes all the sweet memories of those early library days. We all still love our library visits and can never wait to check out some new books. If you don’t already have one, try scheduling a regular library day on your calendar so you and your little reader always have something to look forward to!


by Emily Gravett

Again is the story of a little dragon’s bedtime story. The story he loves so much that he always shouts “Again!” His mother continues to read to him from his favorite book but becomes increasingly sleepier. Her son, meanwhile, continues to ask for his book again and again! You won’t want to miss the fun ending of this one. What is your little reader’s favorite book to read over and over again?

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

by William Joyce

A true book-lover’s book, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a must-read. Morris loved words and stories. He loved writing his own story each day. But when his entire life is scattered in the wind one dark day, including the words in his book, he must start anew. When he encounters a mysterious woman being carried away by a bunch of flying balloons, the magic begins. Beautifully illustrated, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a gorgeous reminder that we all have stories to tell. Swap some stories of your own with your little reader after sharing this whimsical book together.

Books Always Everywhere

by Jane Blatt
Illustrated by Sarah Massini

Looking for a book about books for your baby or toddler? This is the perfect addition to your littlest one’s library. Vibrant and colorful, Books Always Everywhere celebrates the many kinds of books we love, the many ways we can use our books, and the many places we read our books. Share this book with the toddler in your life and try to find some new places to enjoy your books together!

Library Lion

by Michelle Knudsen
Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

Library Lion is one of my favorite books about books. Miss Merriweather, the librarian, is very particular about her rules. There is to be no running in the library; no noise in the library. But, as it turns out, there are no rules about lions in the library. So when a lion turns up for a visit one day, his is allowed to stay. As the story unfolds, we learn that sometimes, and with very good reason, it might be ok to break the rules. Read this together and talk to your little one about some ways and times it might be ok to break the rules in your house.

Let Me Finish!

by Minh Le
Illustrated by Isabel Roxas

Don’t you just hate a spoiler? Every time the hero in our book sits down to read, some well-meaning friend nearby comes along to spoil the ending. It happens time and again until he sneaks away to his own private spot to finally, hopefully, find out what happens at the end all by himself! Will he be glad to be alone when he gets there? You won’t find out from me. Snuggle up with your little reader and enjoy from start to finish. Has anyone ever spoiled the ending of a book for you?

How to Read a Story

by Kate Messner
Illustrated by Mark Siegel

How to Read a Story is a fun book about just that…how to read a story! Starting with step one (finding a story–a task which is not to be taken lightly) all the way through to reading “The End”, you and your little reader will recognize how important each little step along the way is. What’s your favorite part of reading a story?

Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book

by Julia Donaldson
Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

I’m not sure if there is a Julia Donaldson book that is not enjoyable, and this book about Charlie Cook’s favorite book is one of my favorites. From the fun rhymes to the colorful pictures, this book within a book within a book just gets better and better. Read it together with your little bookworm and talk about your favorite books!