Raising Bookworms

One of the greatest joys of my parenting journey to date has been watching my two daughters develop a passion for books; for the stories, the illustrations, the giggles and the snuggles they bring. I remember packing up my first-born for her first trip to the public library I grew up at. She was only 2 months old and sat tucked in her baby bucket while I filled my book bag with picture books I wanted to share with her.  Even as a baby, she would lie on the floor with me and listen to stories for long stretches. It was an agonizing wait for age 2, when she’d be old enough to attend storytime.  Now, 10 years and a million books later, she still loves the library and to my delight…so does her little sister!

I’ve always thought of books like vegetables…they are so good for you and you can never have too many.  The library is the place we get to go crazy each week; binge “shop” to our hearts’ content. There is nothing like seeing our library book bags filled up with a whole new selection of stories just waiting to be devoured.

Because I am also a writer, my children are growing up appreciating the book-making process too. In any bit of downtime we had when they were younger, you were apt to hear either of my girls calling out “I want to make a book!” They have enough homemade books to start their own library. They are currently both working on their first novels and I’m convinced they’ll be published authors when they’re grown.

Quite simply, reading is a way of life around here. So I make sure we are reading books that follow our journey throughout the year. Looking for a seasonal story, a rainy day story, an “I need a hug today” story?  Join me on my blog throughout the year as I share book recommendations–for you and your little bookworms.