One of the highlights of my writing year is EdDecaria’s annual Madness! Poetry tournament every March. But this year it’s happening in May! I’m excited to have been selected as a 6th time participant.

64 “authletes” compete in a March Madness-style children’s poetry showdown. Each authlete matchup is given a particular word for each round and must come up with a children’s poem using that word. Students across the country read the poems, discuss them in class and vote for their favorites. It is an absolute BLAST for the authletes and I’m proud to say I’ve competed four times now. I’m on a mission to one day beat my 2018 Final Four finish!

Check out my poems from past competitions:

2020 Dewey’s Snack
2020 Puppy Dog Wishes
2019 The Quotation Twins
2019 The Princess and the Frog
2019 An A For My Thoughts?
2018 Cantankerous Pete
2018 Happy Holidays!
2018 Come One and Come All!
2018 When I’m Big as I Will Grow
2018 My Ballet Recital
2017 A Note to Teacher
2017 A Visit to the Doctor
2015 Bebop Flop

Children’s Fiction
I just wrapped up a successful Camp NaNoRiMo project in April, working on a first draft of a new middle grade novel about some adventurous mouselings. There’s no better way to get that word count up!